Thank You D-PAPA.

This is an open letter to an Affiliate Marketer who I started following 3 months ago on YouTube. The information I’ve gained from all the free content on YouTube has lead me here to WordPress and has changed my position in the online space. For the Last 6 months I’ve been learn all I can about online marketing. I didn’t have the early success that I wanted but keep learning and keep trying to figure what space would suit me best. 3 months ago I came across a You Tuber D-Papa and his content has added massive value to my digital footprint for Affiliate Marketing. Learning how to leverage and build my social media platforms was one of the first things that I learned from his channel. Using both free methods and paid methods I’ve start having success and this letter is a thank you to one of the people that gave me a ton of information, Thank You.


Ad Copy.

If you like me and writing ad copy that will lead to conversion can be difficult as a new online marketer. Taking the time to either get efficient enough to write good ad copy or out sourcing that task to some will save you a lot of time and money. If you cant engage with your audience that no matter how much traffic you send or how great the offer is your conversion rate will be very low and you’ll be leaving money on the table. These are one the fundamental step that I’ve had to learn, that was hold me back from make sales. If you have a killer ad copy, a good marketing system and traffic to your website or Affiliate link you will be able to make 5x more then you would on the first sale. Spend the resources on learn these things so that your not wasting your time 3 month into your online career trying to relearn this. Using YouTube is a great way to gain enough Free information on how to write ad copy for you email funnel. If you don’t want to spend the time to learn this then outsourcing is the next best thing. Fiverr is a great freelance tool full of people that can write ad copy for your email funnel. This is a very cost efficient way to get different ad copy written by pros and you’ll have a model ad copy that you can tweak for you funnels and ad placements. DO enough research to start making sales, when your just starting online marketing you don’t have to know everything to get started. Learn as you go is how we all build 5 to 6 figure business online and its not a over night process so keep grinding.

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2. Free Traffic Sources.

Getting as much free traffic to your website is the life blood to any online business. So here’s a traffic method that I’ve been using to get more click to my website. Using two types of traffic sources together can yield some good results. YouTube is one of the biggest content platforms for marketing. Not only will making YouTube videos be great for any business, there’s a way for new users to start generating view to your videos and then to your offers or services. To start generating views were going to combine another traffic source, Reddit. Creating videos on YouTube and sharing that content to subreddit treads will jump start more traffic to any offer. No matter the niche, you can create a video on YouTube, join subreddits treads and post your video links redirected to your YouTube videos. As you create content for YouTube you will also have back links to the affiliate offers you are promoting. Promote a blog, E-comm store, Affiliate offer anything you want more traffic to, you can use this method. Now if you’re like me, a person that doesn’t like to get in front of a camera no worries. You can convert the content from your blog into video format by use a FREE program called Lumen5. This will allow you to create video content using the proper keywords and promote your video link on Reddit. By using these two free traffic sources together will start getting you more traffic.


Should you Focus on List Building or Sale?

Starting any online Business is for the purpose of making money. But Know what you should focus on so that you maximize how much you earn can be a little difficult. Your top priority should be building you email list over making quick cash. It can be hard to keep that focus if you are like the most of us starting an online business so we can make money. However once you start learning from all the most success people in any online business, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Direct Sale no matter they will all tell you to start building your email list from the start. This is the grandfather of all online marketing.The money is in the List is what you will hear from everyone. Yes you will need money to scale any business if your trying to achieve big success, but putting short term profits first is one the first errors new online marketers make. So save yourself some time and long term profits by focusing your efforts to building you list then profiting from your the list as you build.

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What Does It Takes?

What does it take to start an online business? When starting your online journey everyone has this question. There are a lot of correct answers and a lot of bad answers here’s what I found. The first thing is, there will always be a cost. When you see someone online talking about earning $500.00 a day for free, that’s either misleading or false. What you should ask yourself is what are you willing to pay to start making money online. So the two primary payments in starting a online business is time capital and financial capital. Your personal position in life will determine which you will have to invest the most. Both are required when starting but both aren’t equal. Most of us don’t have large amounts of money if any to start invest money at the beginning. Investing the time to learn how to generate traffic using free methods is fundamental. pick one maybe two platforms tops and learn how to effectively build those before expanding to others. All social media platforms have there pros and cons you will learn this as part of your training. Taking the time to build theses ecosystems for your success will pay off. The faster you can build a platform and start making money the fast you can reinvest your earnings and start scaling. The end game should be you spending a portion of what you earn to maintain or grow, this will allow you to work on furthering your education and reaching you goals faster.¬†person-thinking-with-question-mark-question_mark_person


Whats Up for 2018?

With the start of 2018 and the massive excitement for making money online, knowing where to start can be a hard task in itself. Affiliate Marketing is one of the lowest entry points for those of use with no marketing experience. Finding an Affiliate program or business to start promoting is one of the easiest¬† form of making money online. Looking to earn money online with affiliate marketing require some very simple to follow steps that are FREE any important for you online career. Start with choosing with social media platform you want to use. Learn how to build that platform before you invest your time equity into building something that takes massive amounts of time scaling. You want to sped most of your time learning to optimize your marketing for growth not Generating the content. Creating content is key but marketing is King. Don’t fall into shinny object syndrome stick with the first chose and build that. This why its so important to do the research on which platform you want to use first so your not wasting your time. Learn to work efficient, scheduling post with you platform will help with this. Finally learn to drive traffic to your page or site, you can use paid methods if you have money to invest but if you’re like the most of use free traffic methods are the way to go. Affiliate Marketing is not new to 2018 but still one the best business models for people looking start earning extra cash without a any to no budget.