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2. Free Traffic Sources.

Getting as much free traffic to your website is the life blood to any online business. So here’s a traffic method that I’ve been using to get more click to my website. Using two types of traffic sources together can yield some good results. YouTube is one of the biggest content platforms for marketing. Not only will making YouTube videos be great for any business, there’s a way for new users to start generating view to your videos and then to your offers or services. To start generating views were going to combine another traffic source, Reddit. Creating videos on YouTube and sharing that content to subreddit treads will jump start more traffic to any offer. No matter the niche, you can create a video on YouTube, join subreddits treads and post your video links redirected to your YouTube videos. As you create content for YouTube you will also have back links to the affiliate offers you are promoting. Promote a blog, E-comm store, Affiliate offer anything you want more traffic to, you can use this method. Now if you’re like me, a person that doesn’t like to get in front of a camera no worries. You can convert the content from your blog into video format by use a FREE program called Lumen5. This will allow you to create video content using the proper keywords and promote your video link on Reddit. By using these two free traffic sources together will start getting you more traffic.


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