Should you Focus on List Building or Sale?

Starting any online Business is for the purpose of making money. But Know what you should focus on so that you maximize how much you earn can be a little difficult. Your top priority should be building you email list over making quick cash. It can be hard to keep that focus if you are like the most of us starting an online business so we can make money. However once you start learning from all the most success people in any online business, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Direct Sale no matter they will all tell you to start building your email list from the start. This is the grandfather of all online marketing.The money is in the List is what you will hear from everyone. Yes you will need money to scale any business if your trying to achieve big success, but putting short term profits first is one the first errors new online marketers make. So save yourself some time and long term profits by focusing your efforts to building you list then profiting from your the list as you build.


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